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2022 Speakers

Israel's Strategic Challenges in the New Middle East

General Amos Yadlin, Senior Fellow, Middle East Initiative, Belfer Center, Harvard

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(There is no recording of this talk, at the speaker's request.)


Russia's War in Ukraine:  The Implications for Russia's Policies in the Middle East

Carol R. Saivetz, Senior Advisor, MIT Securities Studies, and Associate at Harvard’s Davis Ctr for Russian and Eurasian Studies

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Recording: Saivetz Lecture 

4. Glenn E. Robinson.jpg

Global Jihad: A Brief History

Glenn E. Robinson, Naval Postgraduate School + Center for Middle East Studies, UC Berkeley

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Recording:  Robinson Lecture  

Sarah Chayes.jpg

What Afghanistan Has to Teach Us

Sarah Chayes, Afghanistan expert and author

About the Speaker

Recording: Chayes Lecture


Mythologies and the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Jerome Slater, Author and Political Science Professor (ret) 

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Recording:  Slater Lecture

V Nasr 2.jpg

Are We Witnessing a New Era for the U.S. in the Middle East?

Vali Nasr, Johns Hopkins School of Int'l Studies

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Recording:  Nasr Lecture

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