2021 Lecture Schedule

    Lectures will be presented as webinars on the indicated Sundays. The webinars will begin at 5:00 Eastern Time, except for the lecture on August 1, which will begin at 10:30 Eastern Time. 
    The link for registering for each of the webinars is indicated.
    Click on speaker's name for biographical information. 
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June 27.  The Western Sahara conflict: Africa's last colony and why it matters.
     Jacob Mundy.  Professor, Peace and Conflict Studies, and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies,  Colgate University.
                               (To register for this webinar, click here).

July 11.  Israel-Palestine Confederation: A vision that starts today.
     Bernard Avishai. Professor, Hebrew University & Dartmouth College.
      Sam Bahour. Independent political analyst & business consultant, Ramallah.
                               (To register for this webinar, click here).

July 18.  Shifting Sands: The Future of Israeli-Palestinian relations.
    Asaf Romirowsky.  Director, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East.
                               (To register for this webinar, click here).

August 1.  Gaza’s Struggle: Between Fading Hope and Growing Resilience.
    Yasser Abu-Jamei.  Director, Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, Palestine.
    Sara Roy.  Senior Research Scholar, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University.  
                      Note: This webinar will begin at 10:30 AM.
     Information on how to support the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme can be obtained   
     from the GCMHP at donate@gcmhp.net.
                               (To register for this webinar, click here).

August 15.  How a century of wars, invaders, dictators, and poverty generated today’s dismal Arab condition. 
     Rami KouriDirector, Global Engagement, American University of Beirut; Nonresident Senior     
      Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School.
                               (To register for this webinar, click here).

August 29.  Can the US refashion itself as a peacemaker in the Middle East?
    Trita Parsi.  Executive Vice President, Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, Washington DC. 
Dr. Parsi's recent book, Losing an Enemy: Obama, Iran and the Triumph of Diplomacy, can be ordered at Eight Cousins book store in Falmouth or on line here or here.  A recent publication can be accessed here.
                               (To register for this webinar, click here).

November 7.  International law and the Israelí occupation.
    Jules Lobel.  Professor, University of Pittsburgh School of Law.
                                 (To register for this webinar, click here).