The Middle East Forum of Falmouth (MEFF) is the formal successor to The Ad Hoc Committee for Peace and Justice in the Middle East.  The goal of the Forum is to foster better understanding of the problems in the Middle East by providing a broad range of information on the history and current issues of this complex area.  To this end, the Forum hosts speakers with knowledge and hands-on experience in the Middle East and who can provide information and insights beyond what are ordinarily presented in the conventional media.  The lectures are open to the public and are free of charge.

     The Forum itself aims to present a balanced program, which means sponsoring lectures that present differing and often sharply conflicting views, both among the speakers and the members of the audience.  The format of the meetings is designed accordingly, with 40 minutes allotted for the speaker and the remaining hour available for questions and discussion from the audience.

     In past years the lectures were presented at the Church of the Messiah,in  Woods Hole MA.  Due to the covid-19 epidemic, the lectures for summer 2020 will be given as Zoom webinars.  If you wish to "attend" these webinars, you can register here.  You will then be sent the link a few days before each of the lectures.  

      For further information about the webinars or other topics. you may also contact the MEFF office at infomeff.world@gmail.com.